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Old Beat Up Cars for Sale

cars of miami vice for saleThe best place to buy old beat up cars is not through the classified ads, not through the Internet, not through a private seller, and not through a used car dealership. The single best place to buy good quality dirt cheap cars is at seized car auctions. [Editor’s Note: Actually, eBay Motors is a great place to score old beat up cars and dirt cheap prices. If you aren’t comfortable with seized car auctions, give eBay Motors a try.]

Seized car auctions are where cars end up when their owners are imprisoned, when the government needs to dispose of a deceased person’s estate, when cars are confiscated to satisfy a debt obligation, or when owners simply do not make their car payments.

Because seized cars are being sold not for profit but to satisfy a lien and to unload inventory that otherwise is an unwanted burden on the government, they are placed for sale through auction to the highest bidder rather rather than through traditional retail channels.

How can these cars be so dirt cheap? Well, not all auctioned cars will be good bargains. Before making the decision to bid on a particular car, you should have a chance to visually inspect it for its condition and its potential blue book value, You want to find a car that requires no or very little maintenance work to bring it up to mint condition, and which can be bought for significantly below its blue book value. That’s when you know you’ve bought a bargain!

So finding the perfect car to buy at an auction is like finding a diamond in the rough. But whether you are buying for yourself, as a gift for someone else, or to resell to someone else, you will always find tons of dirt cheap cars in excellent quality condition at auctions.

People have this tendency to stereotype seized car auctions as if all of the cars available through them are beat up old junkers. Nothing could be further from the truth! You could be driving a 2007 Bentley, get arrested, and have your car end up at an auction. And if the car was paid off or you were almost done with the payments, the opening bid for this car will be dirt cheap!

But yes, at the same time, if you were driving a junker to begin with, your junker car could end up at an auction too. But who knows? Some savvy entrepreneur might look at your junker and see a golden opportunity to fix it up and resell it for a hefty profit.

Author: Bill Yeager

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